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This vivacious new duo spend nearly every waking moment in their Seattle studio concocting new sounds. At this very moment, they are probably tirelessly mixing concoctions of retro synthesizers, fuzz guitar, wubby bass, blissfully blended harmonies, and tons of drums into delicious ear candy ripe for the picking.


The Wish Mission sound is distilled from a blend of influences ranging from nostalgic doo-wop to modern pop, rootsy americana to synth-y new wave, garage-y guitar rock to slick electronica, with a heavy emphasis on that retro 80s deliciousness. The result is a uniquely bold brand of indie pop that sounds both fresh and timeless.


Dusty Haze is a multi-instrumentalist/producer with 30 years of the Seattle music scene under his belt. Jen Green has a distinctly cool vocal rasp and the versatility to go either sultry or sweet. They found an electric connection through songwriting together, crafting thoughtful lyrics with sticky hooks. Their fun fusion of sound will have you uncontrollably grinning ear to ear as you bob your head to their irresistible tunes.

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